China Aerospace Group

Cooperation Project: Metal Powder Vacuum Gas Atomization Equipment for 3D Printing


China Aerospace Group is a state-owned large scale high-tech enterprise in China. It was formerly the Fifth Research Institute of the Ministry of National Defense established in October 1956. It owned more than 570 enterprises and institutions in China, which are distributed in 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions all over china. It has owned more than 137,000 employees and several national key laboratories and technology centers.

In order to produce and reserach of 3D printing of aerospace equipment components, China Aerospace Group buy the vacuum gas atomization equipment from our factory-Zhuzhou Shuangling Technology Co.,Ltd in 2017. This set vacuum gas atomization equipment is used to atomization metal powder for 3D printing, and this equipment has won the awards- The first set major technical equipment in Hunan Province.


Since the establishment of the 3D printing project team, The China Aerospace Group pay much more attention for the vacuum gas atomization equipment operation, and with our factory vacuum gas atomization equipment and the efforts of the team, they develp the”high-strength aluminum alloy powder” tensile properties in the room temperature reaches more than 540Mp and the elongation exceeds 14%. This powder is used in large passenger airplane and aerospace smoothly.

Post time: Jun-25-2019